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Morons on the road... including me lol

This morning I went to work. Road moron incident (RMI) #1: I drove past the front row, realized there was a parking space, backed up but there was someone behind me so I didn't want to back up TOO much; but, I thought I had enough room to turn into the row to park. I did not. I ran over the curb pretty hardcore. My tire seems fine for now but I will be checking on it periodically.

Upon entering the office and approaching the customer support area I immediately realized two things:

1)I forgot my laptop like an idiot
2)Based on the way everyone was standing around and not working, we were probably just going to go home anyway because the internet is down. (It has been down since late yesterday afternoon which is why my work laptop was home in the first place.)

So we all left. The plus side of this, is that it gave me some time to stop and get gas. This required me to make a left-hand turn, and with that I bring you RMI #2: When I approached the arrow, it was just turning red. There was one car in front of me, who decided that since the arrow was now red he'd just merge a little bit in front of the stop line so he could go straight. Except we didn't get the green light. So now this jackass is just kinda chillin' in the middle (but not so close as to get hit) of the intersection, and I'm like WHAT IS HE GONNA DO? He stayed there, and then eventually we got the green arrow again. I honestly thought he would just revert to turning left, and became so distracted by "what's he gonna do!?" that... I forgot to turn left myself. So I am RMI #1 AND RMI #3. Whoooooops. (RMI #2 ultimately went straight when the light turned green.)

In retrospect I'm glad that I didn't go at the arrow. It was a short arrow, only myself and the deadhead truck behind me would have made it, and if I *had* gone and so had RMI #2, there would have been an accident. Plus there was a break during the green light in which I had plenty of time to safely turn (and did).

(P.S. For those unfamiliar - deadhead is a trucking term. I am not insinuating anyone's taste in music, haha. Although it is kind of funny that both "deadhead" and "reefer" are trucking terms.)

Anyway, time to log on for work, I just wanted to post this real quick because I thought it was pretty funny. :D

Icon in celebration of the launch of MTV Classic - at least I'll have a pretty dope soundtrack to the first couple of hours of work today!
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Random pet peeves post

I don't know why these things bother me so much but I hate when people say the following:

1) "Today is my Friday!"
Often said on a Thursday when the person doesn't have to work the next day. Maybe I'm just jealous of your 3 day weekend, but today is not your Friday. You know why? Because it's not Friday, mothafucka! You know what a calendar is? It's that thing with the months and dates that shows you that today is very clearly Thursday. So enjoy your 3-day weekend, just don't show back up on Monday and claim that it's your Tuesday!

2) "Stay strong!"
Often said to those who have just lost a loved one or gone through a tragic situation. I absolutely HATE the idea that someone needs to stay strong through tough times for any reason. I understand if people want to try and keep it together for appearances and whatnot but honey, take some time to grieve. Cry. Shout. Punch a pillow or a punching bag or the fucking wall if you have to. Swear. Sleep. Fall the fuck apart. You are going through something that is disrupting your life. Process it by whatever means necessary no matter how long it takes. Because if you try and hold it all in for too long it's just going to eat you up and come out at the most inopportune time. I know absolutely no ill will is meant by telling someone to stay strong but it seems to be this resounding sentiment that overrides the reality of one's actual emotional spectrum. "But so and so would want you to be happy!" - ...when you're ready!!!

If you say these things I still love you but this is just some food for thought!!!
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Maybe if I sticky this I'll give a shit about it

I really wanted to use the one I have on SparkPeople but it doesn't seem like they give you the HTML for that.

Edit 7/7: So it took me half the year to get one-seventh of the way there lol. This sounds self-defeating but I'm actually proud of it! Truth be told that from the initial weight I entered in here, I gained 5 lbs at some point, so even though this is a full 2016 ticker I count that I've lost 15 lbs since my hemorrhoid surgery which was in April so like 2.5 months (last time I weighed myself was 6/24). Not bad, me!

Edit 12/31: Total weight loss for 2016 = net 15; peak 20. Woohoo!
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This is a shitpost.

Collapse )

And the translation of that fuckery is:

I am not drunk, but my keyboard on my laptop sure is. The Y key doesn't really work but the other keys have multiple letters typing when I hit them. Now the Y key works sometimes. [a bunch of y's] All I did was hit the shift key and y's for days. Fuck this is not good. I will come back and translate this from my other computer. I hope I can dry it out enough to get the keyboard working properly again. At least everything else seems to be fine. (Knock on wood)


UGH. Today has been a general comedy of errors so this was just the icing on the cake... until the next thing goes wrong...

If I have you listed as a friend, please read my previous locked post if you haven't already. It would mean a lot. Even if you have no comment or think I'm a loser after reading it, haha.

It are my birthday!

Whoa, a public post! Anyway, I usually try to make a post right at 12:33am since that is what time I was born, but my mom called and I actually missed the clock hitting that exact time for probably the first time in my adult life. Close enough! :D

I had a birthday gathering at my house on Saturday. It was also sort of a housewarming party but mostly birthday. It was a good time! There were people in and out for most of the day, then I got about a half-hour intermission lol, then Danny and Rich came over and we drank beer and watched The IT Crowd on Netflix for like 4 and a half hours. We know how to party lol.

I got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in a while so that was super cool! Everyone seemed to mesh well together which was also cool, I always worry about that when bringing people from different sections of my life together.

I am going to volunteer at this place today. My friend Jeremy posted a bunch of dates that he was volunteering and when I saw that one of them was my birthday I immediately decided to do it. I just think it's cool to do something for others on my own birthday for some reason.
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lol dreams

I had really bad dreams last night involving being fired, going back to get my stuff, and getting arrested for trespassing for going back to get my stuff.

The fuck, brain!??!?!?
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Some depressing-ass shit

Hey, trigger warnings. Fuck 'em.

A high school classmate pointed out in one of his ~facebook memories~ that it is 14 years ago since he started his first day of college. Which means it's roughly 14 years ago that I started my own first day of college. So, yeah, that. BUT BUT BUT. It also means that it is roughly 14 years ago since the week-ish BEFORE college, when my plan at the time was, "Fuck. I went to youth group and made all these bomb-ass friends. Now I am going to leave them to go 1200 miles away. Also, I am depressed as fuck, generally speaking. So what we're going to do is, 'say goodbye' to people, but actually take all of the pills and die all of the deaths, because fuck everything." Clearly this was not a real plan that held weight in my life, because I did not ever attempt anything of this nature. Granted for the next 6 months I did decide it was super cool to inflict some extremely minor injuries upon myself for like 0.00000000005 seconds, but yeah. As a dumb-ass teenager with dumb-ass teenage friends, I did dumb-ass teenage things. I don't know how many of you knew about this sector of my life, but now you know. I don't mean to marginalize the issue of self-injury to those who genuinely struggle with it, but at that time it was, like, ~a thing~ to do. I regret this for obvious reasons, but at the same time I am grateful it was never a legitimate issue or addiction in my life.

The point of me saying all this now just weeks before I turn 32, is that I am fucked up in the head. I struggle with anxiety daily. I struggle with depression daily. Yet thanks to the possible delusion (but possible reality) that things will get better, I no longer have either the desires or the patience to injure or destroy myself, because if there's something out there for me I'd damn sure like to stick around to experience it. Even if I have no reason right now to believe that there's something worth sticking around for, I know well enough that the risk of that assumption being wrong isn't fucking worth taking the chance of doing something fucking stupid.

I love you all and I know, somewhere in the back of my mind, that you all have vastly ranging levels of love for me as well. <3

Edit: Also, fuck it, this is going to be a public post. Because sure, nobody past the 42 or however many of you I call my Livejournal friends is reading this, but what if someone is? I am not the best writer who ever wrote, I'm certainly not winning the eloquence of the year award over here, but if someone can even remotely relate to this and talk to me about it and we can chat or we can hug/e-hug/whatever sort of connection, it's all going to be okay.
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I'm making a whole post about kickball what is my life

and don't say "kickball" ya smart-asses :D

We are 2-1. The first game we played against a team who technically should have forfeited because they didn't have enough girls (you must have at least 11 players, no less than 4 girls and no less than 7 guys) but we played them anyway because it was the first game and everyone wanted to play. We won. The second game we played against a team we played last season who kicked our asses haha. We lost to them again, but not as badly. One of our runs was scored when our kicker kicked the ball off our guy's head who was on third base, which was ruled fair and the third base runner scored. That was pretty funny. Tonight's game was against a team who went 0-8 last year and they actually were winning 5-2 at the top of the 6th inning (there are 6 innings per game) and I was about to feel like a huge jerk because I was talking a lot of shit behind their backs lol but then we came back and scored 4 runs and got them out 1-2-3 in the bottom of the inning to secure the victory! I haven't been a key cog in most of these games but I've kicked well and today I think I even ran well so there's that lol. I can't field for shit though, haha.