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I am recording this in LJ because facebook will bury it soon - I looked around, I stood alone, I knew what I had to say... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tray Dawg

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I am recording this in LJ because facebook will bury it soon [Oct. 14th, 2008|10:49 pm]
Tray Dawg
Apparently harmer is a scam infomercial star in the making! Who knew!

Traci is watching Family Feud and then hopefully sorting the rest of my clothes. It's on facebook so yall have to hold me accountable! 2:19pm - 7 Comments

Jaime at 6:23pm October 13
survey says YES

Traci at 6:57pm October 13
survey says I just sorted a few more things lol

Jaime at 7:10pm October 13
survey says FALSE

Traci at 7:28pm October 13
*BZZZZZZZT* X <-- that is your first strike

Jaime at 7:32pm October 13

Traci at 7:33pm October 13
Now if only I could win $20k lol

Jaime at 7:36pm October 13
If it's money you're looking to make, have I ever got a business proposition for you! Like you, I wondered how I could possibly pay the bills when I barely had enough money to eat! Then my friend Lee told me about this great new company where ordinary people like you and me can become managers making $100k a year right from the comfort of your own home! Now my only problem is which colour of yacht to buy!

/procrastinating updating my resume

Traci wrote
at 12:29am
Jaime what the hell did you write on my status lol

Jaime wrote
at 1:15am
What are you talking about? I was sharing a great business secret with you! I wouldn't tell just anyone about this great new way to earn $100k from your own bedroom, but I know that you're a money-savvy person and that this is the right fit for you. Please give me your social security number, mother's maiden name, and your credit card #. I'll sign you up right away and you'll start making money without even having to lift a finger! I know you're going to do well for yourself, Traci. I can feel it.

Traci wrote
at 1:16am
8675309. FOR ALL OF IT.

Jaime wrote
at 1:19am
Congratulations! You're joining a select group of people who are making money the new way. This is the 21st century and we should have money working for us! Am I right or am I right? The next step is giving me signing authority to your bank accounts and writing me into your will as the sole heir for everything. This way you'll be totally invested into this great company! Don't worry about the details, just sign on this dotted line and $100k a year will be yours!

*hopes facebook doesn't kick her off for phishing, lol*

Jaime wrote
at 1:20am
also lmao @ your ss#.

Traci really hopes nobody is taking Jaime seriously right now lmao. 1:35am - 3 Comments

Jaime at 7:45pm October 14
Why! This is your ONE OPPORTUNITY to take your financial woes by the horn and throw them far, far away! Call 1-800-IMTOTALLYKIDDING to start making dollars! Now that makes cents!

I'm having way too much fun with this.

Traci at 10:14pm October 14
Jaime, you should be a professional scam infomercial speaker. YOU WOULD MAKE ZILLIONS. I'll be your admin assistant!

Traci at 10:14pm October 14
(This is, of course, assuming you'd even bother paying me, you filthy con artist, you!)

[User Picture]From: harmer
2008-10-15 04:41 am (UTC)
Hahahaha I can't believe you posted this, you're the best.

I've always been interested in advertising. I love informercials, I'd kill to write them for a living!
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[User Picture]From: bellapalmera
2008-10-15 07:51 pm (UTC)
LOL, I just noticed you wrote "informercial", which made me feel A LOT better about the fact that I pretty much always spell it that way when I first type it.
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[User Picture]From: harmer
2008-10-15 11:02 pm (UTC)
Hahaha I didn't even notice!! It was late and I was tired. :P

I realized I can never spell surf probably the first time, it's always sruf. haha
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