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I don't post surveys in here much, but I liked this one. - I looked around, I stood alone, I knew what I had to say... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tray Dawg

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I don't post surveys in here much, but I liked this one. [Dec. 1st, 2008|07:57 pm]
Tray Dawg
Stolen from rhetoricians.

If your mom was a teacher would you want to be in her class?:
She would probably be a fair teacher, but she'd probably yell at everyone who failed and accuse them of not studying. Which would probably be true for some people, but she'd make the ones who tried their best feel like shit.

What movie do you feel like everyone else has seen but you haven't?:
Star Wars, LOTR, HP, Spiderman, I could go on...

What do you wish your city had more of?:
QUIZNOS. There needs to be one downtown. Oh also, Jamba Juice.

Has your school ever been state champs in anything?:
DHS was state champs in like everything. UT wasn't so bad either.

What is the most prestigious college in your state?:
FSU, UF, or UM.

If you could create a new version of Monopoly, what would it be?:
I don't know, but I just thought of what if there was a TQC Monopoly. Oh gawrsh...

Should drivers always have to yield to pedestrians?:

What word do you always forget how to spell?:
I don't know. I'm pretty good at spelling.

You get pulled over. What's the most probable reason?:

What movie has too many sequels?:
SAW. Why the hell.

Did you ever get into the Livestrong Bracelet craze?:
Nah, though I do have a Save Darfur bracelet. I also have a Jets breast cancer sponsor one that I don't wear anymore because it's all gross now.

What's the weirdest place you've found something you lost?:
Between my desk and my wall. HOW????

Have you ever wondered why no school colors are pink?:
I didn't know that, actually.

What's the earliest you've gotten up to shop on Black Friday?:
LOL, no.

On a scale of 1-10, how good are you at wrapping gifts?:
Haha, like a 2.

Describe the funniest ringtone you've ever heard.:
I'm not sure.

What was your favorite recess activity when you were little?:
Anything involving the monkey bars.

Have you ever ordered personalized M&Ms?:
No, but Cheryl and Leah had them at their graduation party!

Does your local grocery store have a Red Box for movies?:
I'm not sure. I know that some Winn Dixie in Jacksonville has one though, and that's the only reason I even know what a Red Box is.

What night of the week is the best for TV?:
Tuesday. HOUSE!!! :D

Should the US have a 4 day, 10 hr work week, or a 5 day, 8 hr one?:
5 day/8 hrs.

Did you receive any racist texts after Obama won?:
No, and if I did there would have been some serious hell to pay.

If you could give your state a new nickname, what would it be?:
The Construction State.

If you became deaf what sound would you miss the most?:

Do you have to have a fine arts credit to graduate at your school?:
I think so.

What's the worst airline you've ever flown on?:
JETBLUE OMG. Also Iberia Air or whatever the company was called that we flew to Spain on. The seats were way too effing small.

If you could be the mascot for any sports team, which would you choose?:
The Losers.

Do your postage stamps have anything cool on them?:
I don't even have stamps.

Have you ever been to a city that didn't have a Starbucks?:
Yes. But now they have one, lol.

Have you ever ridden in a gondola?:

Is there a song that you hate yet know all the words to?:

What song would you sing if you auditioned for American Idol?:
I'm not sure.

If you've gone to a concert, what's the closest you've been to the stage?:
Pretty stinkin' close.

Do you want to be in a fraternity/sorority?:
Hellz no.

Food drive: what items do you donate?:
Spam, lol.

What sport is most popular where you live?:

Sudoku is in the dictionary. Should "lol" be in there too?:
Only because "meh" somehow made it in there.

What term of endearment would you NOT want to be called?:
Honestly I'm not a big fan of any of them.

Which store has the coolest shopping bags?:
Um wut?

Do you have any license plate covers or frame on your car?:
Just the one that came from the car dealership.

Would you ever want to ride in a hot air balloon?:

Have you ever worked up a sweat playing a Wii game?:

What member of N*SYNC would you name your son after?:

If you were born a day later, would you be born in a new month/year?:

Do you think you would be able to recognize a counterfeit bill?:
Nope. I need those markers.

Have you ever tried to sell your Halloween candy?:
Ew, no.

Did you ever have a lemonade stand when you were a kid?:

Did you know that George Bush speaks Spanish? If not, does it surprise you?:
I did not know that. What would surprise me is if he spoke it better than English, since he barely has a grasp on that and it's his native language.

Can you beatbox?:
Hellz no.

You're in an arcade w/a roll of quarters. What game do you play?:
SKEEBALL!!!!! And the basketball one.

Do you ever pose for the photos taken while on a roller coaster?:
If I know where the camera is!

Do you put any thought into what you write in people's yearbooks?:
I tried to. I liked being more original than IBAGYHAGSSYNY.

If you could job shadow anyone, who would you choose?:
Stephen Christian. <3