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dead forests!!!! - I looked around, I stood alone, I knew what I had to say... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tray Dawg

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dead forests!!!! [Aug. 25th, 2009|05:54 pm]
Tray Dawg
This one insurance company keeps sending us CD's full of medical records. These CD's have THOUSANDS OF PAGES. And we have to print all of it. Our company only requires the last 3 years of medical records, but this crap dates back to like the late 80's sometimes. It is RIDICULOUS. In the last 2 days we have printed over 15,000 pages of medical records, and we are getting 2 more disks from this place tomorrow. Plus another company is sending us FOUR DISKS FOR THE SAME PERSON. Dkjbfgkbfdfsgjdfbg. So yeah if half the world's forestry just like dies, it's our fault.

[User Picture]From: harmer
2009-08-26 04:41 am (UTC)
Holy crap!!

Don't feel bad...there is no recycling in Nunavut. Just me alone, I waste so much paper (not much choice). I feel bad, but what can I do? Bring home paper shreds for cat litter? Pretty sure I'm not allowed to do that.
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