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Voice Post - I looked around, I stood alone, I knew what I had to say... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tray Dawg

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Voice Post [Aug. 30th, 2009|12:01 pm]
Tray Dawg
505K 2:39
“Hey guys, I was having an interesting morning so far on my trip. First off I went to McDonald's and I ordered the bacon egg and cheese biscuit in the drive through and I get my food and I'm taking in just like kinda heavy but you know whatever. So I don't remember what some food the value meals cos I never go to McDonald's. So I leave and I took my hand in the bag and grab something to eat and it's definitely a breakfast Doritos(?) and so I made the illegal U turn to go back to McDonald's and start looking for like the bag and like oh there's mine. So if didn't end up going back to McDonald's. So I opened my sandwich and it's actually a bacon, egg and cheese bagel and like whatever it is bacon, egg and cheese I don't fell like going back. So here I am now I am like almost in Saint Augustine and I just noticed that there's actually 2 breakfast Doritos(?) and then 2 hush browns instead of just one. So they definitely just totally gave me the wrong food. So oops that's sucks through whoever got my sandwich and ordered like 5 meals. So then I'm driving and I'm bound for somewhere I just crossed in Evalusha(?) County and all of a sudden I looked in my rear view mirror and there's a cop with it's lights on right behind me and I'm in the left lane. So I pulled over into other left shoulder and got pulled over how kids doing. So I was like wow I almost had a heart attack right now. It's like I wow and then ended up that the cop was doing till I get the other the other car that already had a cop car there. So I don't know what happened but oh it's wasn't even just a cop it's was state trooper so yeah God I didn't get pulled over so I'm definitely been speeding the entire time. Anyway and you know when I called to make this here tried to tell me that my password was incorrect even though it's was the correct one. I mean you punch the numbers in your phone and sees the number I just seen when you punch them into the phone it's now like that I can be like oh I did it wrong. Well be definitely be right number. So yeah and you'll see trip so far. I've been listening to ___ the whole time in the ___ that's all for now. I'm sure I will abuse the phone calls today. So I hope you're all having a good day”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox