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Obligatory last post of 2009 - I looked around, I stood alone, I knew what I had to say... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tray Dawg

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Obligatory last post of 2009 [Dec. 31st, 2009|07:30 pm]
Tray Dawg
First, let's review my goals:

1. Move to Tampa, obviously. I was thinking I'd do this in February but right now I honestly think it would be easier to wait until March. Even though I really DO NOT WANT TO. Ugh. *SUCCESS*
1a. Stop being a fucking slob.
1b. Get a kitty.
2. Lose more weight. My official weight loss total for 2008 was 11 lbs! (Overall I'm down 13.) That is awesome. Obviously it could have been a lot better, but that's what 2009 is for :)
*DEFINITE FAIL* I gained almost all of it back lol
2a. Buy a bicycle.
2b. Spend less money on food, and buy better food with the money I do spend.
3. Keep my job!!!!!!
3a. Go to a lot of doctors.
4. Be a more positive person.
*FAIL* but since apparently I have a ~disorder~ then I suppose it's not entirely my fault.

So new goals for 2010:

1. Lose weight fo realz, son.
2. Get a kitty.
3. Clean.
4. Buy a bicycle.
5. Be a more positive role model to, well, everyone than I've been in years past.


Tonight I am gonna go get my partaaaay on @ frankieshrader's place w/korshka and ocean7breeze. Thank you, Nicole, for making tsp_girlsnight bc I love y'all :D (She is so not reading this, haha.) It should be fun times.

I wish I had someone to kiss at midnight. :( /emo moment

Oh and I'm not doing that sentence meme bc I did not make very exciting posts this year.

Despite 2009 being leaps and bounds better than 2008, it still had a great deal of suckocity involved. So here's to 2010 being the year of the Tray Dawg...