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teh moniez - I looked around, I stood alone, I knew what I had to say... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tray Dawg

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teh moniez [Jul. 13th, 2011|11:54 pm]
Tray Dawg
I have been doing really bad at affording shit lately. Plus I finally have an official amount that I owe to the hospital for that time when I went in November (it would appear that I never wrote about that, oh well) and so now I have to start paying that off or they're gonna report me to collectors. I hope I haven't like fucked up my credit score somehow because it was 779 last time I knew and I haven't done anything differently since then until this stupid thing.

ANYWAY, I am probably going to get rid of my cable tv. It's $60/month and I only watch a few channels anyway. Nothing I watch is enriching my life in any way, and if I really want to watch some of that crap, it is online right after it airs anyway. However I also want to get Netflix streaming because the old shows that they have are way better than the crap that's being aired on TV these days. So I would be saving about $50/mo doing that which is awesomeeeee.

I need to buy the bridesmaid shoes and I want to go to RTU this year because ANBERLIN IS GOING TO BE THERE WOOOOO and fksjbgkfjbgsdmoney :( (ETA: And I desperately need to upgrade my phone, which - guess what? - costs money!)

[User Picture]From: eidna
2011-07-14 03:55 am (UTC)
we basically only ever watch Netflix streaming anymore, haha
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[User Picture]From: bellapalmera
2011-07-14 04:05 am (UTC)

/gratuitous profanity lol
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