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already? yeesh. - I looked around, I stood alone, I knew what I had to say... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tray Dawg

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already? yeesh. [Dec. 6th, 2011|10:12 pm]
Tray Dawg
Obligatory annual copying of each month's first post's first sentence or line or whatever.

January: My vacation got MUCH better - however tonight was also amazing and totally worth getting a new plane ticket to come back to FL a day earlier.
February: I just put in my deposit for the Costa Rica trip!!!! :D
March: So I quickly got over my Brian-directed RAEG!!11!!!one! and actually ended up hanging out with him all day Monday.
May: So my life has been a bit eventful since I last posted.
June: brb in a week!
July: I think the reason I don't post much anymore (at least not anything useful) is because I'm on Facebook so much, lol.
August: BLEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
September: OK so for those of you who are new/haven't read my intro post/totally just forgot who these people were because I haven't mentioned them in a while, let me introduce you to the stars of this entry.
October: LOL @ nobody replying to that list meme I posted a couple weeks ago.
November: I'm going through the writers block answers for today and seeing how many people think that "Movember" is a typo.
December: Hmmm. Is it normal that my amazon.com order hasn't shipped yet even though I made it 4 days ago?

I like how 25% of these are about Costa Rica, lol.