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Brick House Tavern & Crap - I looked around, I stood alone, I knew what I had to say... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tray Dawg

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Brick House Tavern & Crap [Jan. 8th, 2012|11:35 am]
Tray Dawg
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I am making this a public post in case more people from Tampa than just my friends list ever see it but:

Do not go to Brick House Tavern & Tap!!!!

Ever since the NHL playoffs last year (and maybe even earlier, I don't remember because I only came into this group during the playoffs), BH has been our go-to haunt for Tampa away games. Even games during the regular season there is at least one tv usually showing them. We even ran up a $600 tab there once because that was the game we decided to do a shot per goal and then they got 8 goals x however many people there were = a lot of shots were bought that day. Plus whatever we ate.

So anyway, last night Alexis wanted to get out of her apartment and go watch the game. A bunch of us replied on Facebook and we decided to hit up our usual. When we arrived, we asked the hostess if we would be able to get a tv tuned into the hockey game. Now, yesterday was a HUGE football day. As expected, when we got there at 5:30, all tvs were broadcasting the CIN-HOU game. After this, they were to broadcast the DET-NO game. However, there are a good 20+ tvs in this restaurant. The hostess conferred with the manager and we were advised that we could sit in this one booth in the back and at game time (7pm) we could have that one tv in the entire restaurant be changed to the hockey game.

In the booth behind us was a woman who was watching the football game. Notably she was very, very into this football game. We deduced that she was a Bengals fan. (Please note at this time that the Texans ended up defeating the Bengals by a substantial margin.) Any time something happened, a loud roar would come from the booth behind us as this woman reacted to the major plays. Now, from where she was sitting, she actually had a better view than we did of "our" tv. However, if she was to turn directly to her left, she also would have had a perfectly good view of at least one additional tv. The four of us would have had to do some interesting neck craning to view our television, but we'll take what we can get if it means we get to see our boys.

We informed our waitress of the agreement for our tv to be changed to the hockey game at 7pm. So around 6:58pm our waitress turned the channel on. Instead of being willing to compromise in any manner, our favorite Bengals fan threw a fit, which was obliged by the manager and we lost our hockey game. The manager was in turn unwilling to compromise with us to get just one solitary television in the place to watch the NHL game because "this is what the majority wants to watch". Then how difficult is it for majority of the people to watch the majority of the televisions? We were certainly willing to move to another table to view a more obscure television, but because one person decides to throw a fit, a group of four cannot have their one tv out of, like, 23?

This is an outrage. First of all, like I said, there were four of us and one of her. She was the only person (besides us) who cared about that exact television. Second of all, we should not have been promised something and then had it taken away from us. We had already ordered food and beer, we could have just gone to another restaurant in the first place had they simply said up front "Sorry, we cannot change the tv," with no harm, no foul, and come back for a future game. Third of all, Brick House knows who we are. We are there frequently, spend good money when we go there, and are large in numbers. (There's 10 of us who are regular in the group, a few other occasionals and sporadically invited friends.) Fourth of all, it's not like we were asking to watch Columbus vs. Anaheim or somesuch. This was a restaurant in Tampa, Florida, and we wanted to see a Tampa hockey team. Where is your hometown pride, Brick House?

We are upset and we will no longer be providing Brick House with our patronage. Alexis has a bit of pull on the internet so she is blowing up Twitter and Facebook along with her blog, intends on filing a complaint with Brick House corporate, and is going to contact the Tampa Bay Lightning social media person to let them know that they should probably stop working with a restaurant who clearly does not have their full support behind them.

This isn't some hole in the wall bar with 3 tvs, this is a huge restaurant with at least 20 screens and we only wanted one. Shame on you, Brick House.