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I would just like to say FUCK YOU to Donald Sterling, and FUCK YEAH… - I looked around, I stood alone, I knew what I had to say... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tray Dawg

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[Apr. 29th, 2014|04:05 pm]
Tray Dawg
I would just like to say FUCK YOU to Donald Sterling, and FUCK YEAH to Adam Silver. Peace out, bigotry. (Icon in celebration of this, because idiotic Kanye West quotes are always fun.)

So I managed to lose like 7 lbs recently. I think part of that was I was clearly retaining water because my ankles were swollen as fuhhhh. So I think being in cooler weather for a few days helped them calm their shit down and now they look normal again and I weigh x-7 now. We don't talk about what x is. (Was.) I was actually kinda worried that I'd injured my foot when I fell off the back porch when I left She Who Will Not Be Named's house, and that the swelling was related, but now I don't know if it is but I don't care because it's gone. I just have to remember to drink more water because I've been awful at that lately, so my body won't retain every last drop out of desperation. This means shoes actually fit me now, hurray!

I went into work for a few minutes today (I scheduled today off because I knew my plane landed late) to get my biometric screening done as part of the conditions for the "wellness rate" of health insurance. The other condition is to be a non-smoker. I don't know how they prove that - they vaguely mentioned testing, and I think that's horribly intrusive to test someone just for nicotine usage - but I'm glad I don't have to worry about it and it actually makes me feel kind of bad for smokers. I wonder if anyone actually does lie about that. (It's actually no tobacco use so chewing and e-cigs are included in that.) Anyway my #s look really good, which is probably because I inadvertently fasted for like 13 hours lol. Thanks, air travel! That was how I found out about the weight loss, and I was in such disbelief that I actually went to Publix and got on their scale and it said just about the same thing. Wow! (I was going to go to Publix anyway, but the one near my new apartment doesn't have a scale - WHAT!? So I went to the one closer to work which was a little out of the way, haha.)

The other thing I did today was get my internet fixed. It went out sometime on Thursday and when I got back last night it was still off. I'd already made an appointment for a tech to come sometime today. The same guy came out who fixed it last time... when I recognized him, he joked that he disconnected it on purpose to have an excuse to come back out haha. If it happens again I might believe him... lol.

I'm going to drink beer now because I'm still on vacation, suckaz.