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Bomb-ass jello shots - I looked around, I stood alone, I knew what I had to say... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tray Dawg

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Bomb-ass jello shots [May. 17th, 2015|08:09 pm]
Tray Dawg
Friday night I decided that I was going to make some jello shots for the kickball tournament because one of my teammates vaguely suggested it as we were leaving our planning meeting to discuss who was bringing what. So later that night I was like I'm gonna make some freakin' jello shots. I made orange ones which were just orange jello with orange vodka so I don't think I need to post the recipe for that, but then I made purple(ish) ones which are probably the tastiest jello shots I've ever had. So I want to record this for future reference since I was kinda being creative with the ingredients but it worked out really, really well.


1 packet (3oz) berry blue Jello mix
1 packet (3oz) grape Jello mix
1 cup (+ a little more) cranberry juice*
12oz unflavored vodka**
5 oz water

*I used Publix brand Diet Cranberry juice cocktail, but I don't think that's important
**I used Smirnoff 80 proof, but I don't think that's important either other than probably don't try and use the 100 proof

1. Mix together 11oz of the vodka and 5 oz of water and make sure it is chilled. I used vodka and water that were already cold, but I still stuck it in the fridge while I was doing the rest of the steps.
2. Add a little over a cup of cranberry juice to a pot and boil it. The idea is you want 1 cup, but when you boil liquid it evaporates, so you're making up for it.
3. Once it boils, measure out a cup of it and add to a heat-safe mixing bowl.
4. Add the jello mix and stir until dissolved.
5. Stir in your cold water/vodka mixture.
6. Realize that your mixture isn't purple enough and add another ounce or so of cranberry juice.
7. Realize that you've lowered your alcohol content by doing this, and add another ounce or so of vodka.
8. Give up on achieving the perfect shade of purple, and distribute your liquid into small plastic cups. Preferably the ones with the lids, but Walmart didn't have those when you went shopping, so you bought 3oz plastic Dixie cups instead. No biggie.
9. Put your jello shots in the fridge for several hours. 3-4 is what's called for but I did 6 because it was after midnight when I did this and I needed some sleep, yo.
10. GET CRUNK. Because I needed a 10th step ok!?!?!
11. After getting crunk, realize that actually it was not a 10th step you needed, but a 12th.
12. Stop making stupid alcohol jokes and drink some water, ya lush.

So yeah, that's the recipe. It's a thing. :D

[User Picture]From: harmer
2015-05-19 01:34 am (UTC)
Those sound so good. I love Jell-o shooters. The only time I ever made them, I added too much booze and they were awful, and liquidy. We still got crunk, though.
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