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Random pet peeves post - I looked around, I stood alone, I knew what I had to say... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tray Dawg

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Random pet peeves post [Apr. 10th, 2016|02:08 pm]
Tray Dawg
I don't know why these things bother me so much but I hate when people say the following:

1) "Today is my Friday!"
Often said on a Thursday when the person doesn't have to work the next day. Maybe I'm just jealous of your 3 day weekend, but today is not your Friday. You know why? Because it's not Friday, mothafucka! You know what a calendar is? It's that thing with the months and dates that shows you that today is very clearly Thursday. So enjoy your 3-day weekend, just don't show back up on Monday and claim that it's your Tuesday!

2) "Stay strong!"
Often said to those who have just lost a loved one or gone through a tragic situation. I absolutely HATE the idea that someone needs to stay strong through tough times for any reason. I understand if people want to try and keep it together for appearances and whatnot but honey, take some time to grieve. Cry. Shout. Punch a pillow or a punching bag or the fucking wall if you have to. Swear. Sleep. Fall the fuck apart. You are going through something that is disrupting your life. Process it by whatever means necessary no matter how long it takes. Because if you try and hold it all in for too long it's just going to eat you up and come out at the most inopportune time. I know absolutely no ill will is meant by telling someone to stay strong but it seems to be this resounding sentiment that overrides the reality of one's actual emotional spectrum. "But so and so would want you to be happy!" - ...when you're ready!!!

If you say these things I still love you but this is just some food for thought!!!

[User Picture]From: harmer
2016-04-10 08:42 pm (UTC)
Hahaha I say both of these things...making a mental note to never say them to you. ;-)

Every now and then I hate read this blog by a fundie stay-at-home mom/homeschool parent. She once went on this rant about people who say, "I'm sending you good vibes" because omg, prayer is the only thing that actually sends good vibes!! I know you come from a Christian background, but it totally makes no sense at all. So now I tell people all the time I'm sending them good vibes because fuck hypocritical people.

/story time

I do agree with you that it's not always necessary to be strong. It's important to let yourself grieve/wallow sometimes.
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[User Picture]From: bellapalmera
2016-04-11 03:46 am (UTC)
Honestly even when I was still trying at the whole Christian thing, even when I did say "I will pray for you" 99.9% of the time I never did. Or I'd just think an extra thought about it real quick and attach "hey God" to it in my mind or something. What I DID mean was that I really hope their situation turns out for the best and I would be thinking about them, which I think is all people really want from their friends anyway regardless of their religion.
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